MAG Magnetic Car Concept

Posted under Cars by taha on Wednesday 6 August 2008 at 4:53 pm

Besides it is still argued that if the electric cars are all around better than the hybrid cars the Slovak designer Matúš Procháczk has caused an other question. His new creative and very strange design of MAG magnetic Concept Car has many innovative ideas.
This car is the winner of the unseen technology award at the Interior Motives design 2007. This concept uses an electric engine in order to produce an magnetic field which would allow the car propel along the road, which also needs to contain magnetic pieces in it. The idea basically is that the electromagnetic engine produces an electromagnetic field which would have the same polarity with the road. Also the road has to be made from concrete panels and magnets in it.

The effect of two magnetic materials with the same polarity getting close would produce an upward force that would allow to reduce the weight of the car by 50%(!). The required energy that would be needed to get the car going would be ver effectively reduced.

According to the designer Matúš Procháczk the car should have the following shape in order to acchieve a maximum reduction of energy; MAG magnetic Concept Car has a ring bearing system that lets the electric traction directly to the back tyres.

The project is well thought but for now it seems to be impossible to apply this concept on a large scale project. However there might be some small scale projects which would benefit some companies.

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